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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Birthday Party

Remember “The Lorax,” Dr. Seuss’ adorable eco-conscious book you loved as a child? It’s back, and this time in movie form. With this party, you can absolutely thrill your little guests with everything magical in Dr. Seuss’s forest, while also remembering the Lorax’s message. Let’s begin!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Ideas

the very hungry caterpillar party theme

A Very Hungry Caterpillar is an adorable classic and makes for an excellent birthday party theme. So if you have a child that loves this book and you want to center your party around it, here are some creative and fun ways to celebrate this caterpillar in your very own home.

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Garden Baby Shower Theme

A garden baby shower theme, with fresh flowers and cute party supplies, is a fun and feminine way to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Here are some ideas on how to plan one.

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Midsummer’s Eve Party

The Medieval and Renaissance period gave us some of our most romantic stories, fairytales and folk tales. They were full of magic, giants, fairies, dragons, knights and maidens. You can incorporate so many different elements into this type of theme that it makes the perfect setting for a wedding celebration, mid-summer luau or any other…

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Garden Party Fairy Theme for Girls

“Plant” a garden party fairy theme for your favorite girl’s birthday! Little girls love to dress up and play pretend, and if wings and a magic wand are involved, all the better. Here’s how to create a magical garden fairy party.

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Ladybug Birthday Party Theme

A ladybug birthday party theme is fun for little girls of all ages! Ladybugs are not only cute, they are symbols of good luck. Here’s how to plan the perfect ladybug party, with supplies, decor, food, games and parting favors.

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Garden Party Crafts for Kids

Most garden parties are “adult affairs,” but kids can enjoy a garden party just for them.  Especially, there’s lots of opportunities to take home some fun crafts when the party’s done!  Here are creative ideas to make your garden party fun for the tots. Grow a Grassman Kids enjoy cutting the grass – that is,…

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Garden Party Theme

One of the most fun adult party themes is the Garden Party Theme.  Garden parties give everyone an excuse to dress up and go out on a pretty afternoon, and be finished partying in time for dinner.  Central to most garden parties are the hats, but there’s more to this type of party than millinery.…

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