Host an Unforgettable Kids Party by transforming your home into an escape room. Just download, print & play! Show me...

Here's Our Best Kids Party Idea Up Front:

Transform your home into an immersive escape room party!

Escape rooms are the latest hotness right now, but there aren't many out there made specifically for kids.

Fortunately, you can run an escape room game at home for a fraction of the cost, with just a printable escape room kit. The entire kit is ready-to-play, all you need to do is print it out, and follow the simple setup guides.

Get ready to be the cool parent again!


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It's party time! Every kid loves a great party — and a great party often starts with a one-of-a-kind theme. If your child has a favorite sport, cartoon or movie character, take that idea and create your party around it.

If your toddler loves Elmo, have Sesame Street decorations and order a cake to match (or make your own). If your 10-year-old loves to sit and giggle with her friends, consider a makeup party or movie theme party.

The Guest List

Unless you have the room and finances, you'll want to keep the guest list down to a reasonable number. Older children tend to have fewer invitees; for instance, a 12-year-old may want a simple sleepover theme party with two or three friends.

For the younger crowd, five to eight children is usually a manageable amount, ensuring everyone has fun and there's not too much going on at once. One rule of thumb is to invite the number of kids per your child's age.

There's hundreds of kid-pleasing ideas, with themes and supplies to match. Check out are big party list below for ideas, food, decor, games and activities for a specific theme below: