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Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving cornocopiaWith a focus on family, friends, great food and thanks for everything you have, Thanksgiving is the perfect date to host a party. Whether you invite extended family or just a few close friends, you can make the day special while still sticking to a budget that’s easy to swallow. Here are ways to make this North American favorite a delicious day.

Hosting a Dinner Party

Most people expect a big dinner for Thanksgiving, so have your party revolve around Thanksgiving dinner. Pressed for time? Check your local grocery store for pre-cooked ideas you order and then pick up on the big day. For a more economical choice, don’t order a whole roasted bird. Instead, request a roasted turkey breast, a drumstick or two and some delicious sides, like mashed potatoes and bread or corn stuffing (or both).

You don’t have to sacrifice your best china and cutlery to a large crowd. Consider well-made but disposable plates, forks and knives, cups and decorative Thanksgiving napkins.

A Beautiful Centerpiece

Your turkey can be the centerpiece for your table, but so can a few decorative gourds (real or faux), Thanksgiving themed candles and a handful of autumn leaves (again, you can buy these if you’d like to reuse your decoration theme next year).

A Group Effort

Ask each guest to bring one specialty. Far from putting your guests out, most individuals are thrilled to show off and enjoy their own favorite dish. Don’t make demands—if a guest wants to keep his or her contribution simple, welcome it with a smile, then add it to the table, whether it’s homemade pate or a bowl of chips. Then sit back and enjoy the company, laughter and memories on this very special day.

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