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Mardi Gras Theme Party

Mardi Gras beadsMardi Gras, which literally means “Fat Tuesday,” takes place in February or March and is considered the last day of fun and frolic before the Catholic observation of Lent begins. But you don’t have to be the religious sort to get a kick out of this long-standing tradition. Host a Mardi Gras theme party this February and you’ll be the hit of your neighborhood.

What Will You Need?

As extravagant as the holiday may appear, it’s actually very inexpensive and easy to put together a party that follows the theme of Mardi Gras. This ages-old celebration is all about sparkle, so look for colored beads and beaded necklaces, particularly in green, purple and silver (though anything shiny and exciting will do).

Shiny paper-covered hats are fun, and colorful masks are a popular Mardi Gras and Carnival (the South American version of the day) parade-goers. Give your guests masks to wear as they enter the party, or ask them to bring one as part of their costume.

Food choices are virtually unlimited; every area of the U.S., Europe, South America and other areas of the globe have their own traditions, so follow one, or start your own. If you plan to have music and dancing, choose non-messy finger foods that are easy to grab on the go.

New Orleans “Louisiana”-style music is a great choice for party atmosphere, as are various South American genres.

For certain party themes and ideas relating to Mardi Gras, click on an article below to plan your bash: