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Sports Party Themes

Baseball season, hockey season, the Super Bowl…when isn’t it a good time for a sports theme party? Choose your favorite sport and run with it – complete with food, drinks and of course, a showing of the big game.

You don’t have to go it alone; make your party a team effort with a few time saving ideas. For example, ask each guest to bring along an appetizer. (The Superbowl is famous for this, making guests’ choices easy; ask them to bring a plate of wings, some chips or a drink or two.)

National Pastimes

Televised football, basketball and soccer games all make for enthusiastic get-togethers. Decorate with atmosphere – have pieces of sports equipment set up around the party area, or arrange sports theme decorations on the table and the walls.

To get your guests even more into the game, have a betting pool going, but keep the stakes low (a dollar a pick, or free picks with a humorous prize at the end) so everyone goes home happy after the game.

Homegrown Sports

Your very own favorite can make for a great party, too. Golf, bowling, even volleyball can make the perfect backdrop for your festivities. Have an actual game going if you have the space for it (or hold the party at the bowling alley or on the golf green—be sure to check with management for rules and accommodations).

Bake a golf green, badminton or even poker cake, depending upon your favorite recreation. This is easy to do: simply bake a square, circular or rectangular cake, frost it and decorate the top with plastic sports novelties or toys.

Be sure to wear a cap or shirt with your team’s name or an outfit that matches the chosen sport, and encourage your guests to do the same.

Take a look at our ideas below for a party that hits it out of the ballpark: