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Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentine's Day candiesFebruary 14th is reserved for love, friendship and delicious sweets. This Valentine’s Day, one idea is to have a party for everyone you love! A Valentine’s Day party works well for either adults or children, so get started now on planning a love-ly celebration. Your decoration, food and game choices should revolve around the traditional symbols of Valentine’s Day: hearts, cupids, chocolate and poems or other declarations of love.

One of the best parts of organizing a Valentine’s Day party is that it truly does come from the heart, so get creative and make a unique statement. Try out your writing skills by creating a brief poem for your party invitations. Cut Valentine’s Day themed shapes out of dry sponge, dip each in paint and place a love “stamp” on the back of each envelope before you send it out. (This is a particularly fun activity for kids, so if this will be a child’s party, let your little ones help out here.)

Your Decoration Scheme

Everyone knows the traditional imagery associated with Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to put your own spin on things, try a theme, such as love through the ages (Antony and Cleopatra; Bogey and Bacall; Napoleon and Josephine), sweet love (chocolates, jelly beans and small cakes) or a highly romantic Renaissance or chivalric medieval theme.

You can easily incorporate these ideas by printing pictures off your computer and arranging them around the party table, or by scattering bowls of sweets and small love notes (have guests pick one from a heart-shaped bowl as they enter) about the house.

Fun and Games

To keep things hopping, try a few Valentine’s Day party games. A funny love poem contest will have guests giggling (and getting involved). Blind man’s buff—with the person in the center blindfolded and trying to reach and identify other guests—is a touchy-feely and often very funny party pastime that ties in well with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Let your imagination and creativity be your guides for this delightful party theme. Here are more ways to celebrate the Day of Love, either as a social party or just the two of you: