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Grown-ups love a good party! Whether it be a birthday, an epic date night, a local event, a wedding shower, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other of the million things to celebrate, have fun in style, and don't let the kids hog all the fun!

Sharing in the Fun

Birthdays are cause for celebration, but so are a friend's, spouse's or coworker's retirement, an anniversary or a bridal shower. Milestone dates, like a 40th birthday or a bachelor or bachelorette soirée, are other great reasons to get your party on. Christmas, Halloween, the Fourth of July or even a simple family get together or huge reunion, all require planning and supplies to go off with a celebratory bang.

Many of these celebrations can be very inexpensively organized while maintaining a special, unique atmosphere. Ask friends of the bride or the birthday boy's family to help by bringing decorations, providing the location or sending invitations out. You can also spread the expenses out by having a party pot-luck and asking each guest to bring one special dish.


Surprise parties can be a hoot—but make sure you only plan for one if the guest of honor has a sense of humor. For example, “over the hill” parties are often planned as a surprise. Whatever the occasion, make sure you hand disposable cameras out to several guests to get shots of the bride, groom, birthday girl or retiree as he or she stumbles upon what was supposed to be an emergency work meeting or a casual dinner gathering.

Check out ideas below for adult party themes and planning: