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The Barbie Dream House of Birthday Parties

If you have a little girl that loves and adores Barbie, then you know that this fun prop sure to please your little princess. It seems that every little girl goes through this famous doll phase and for her it’s a way of life. This little doll has a rich history that has lent itself…

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How to Make a Fairy Doll Cake

I made a fairy doll cake for a beautiful little girl who still believes in fairies (don’t we all?) It was her birthday and her dad begged me to make her a special cake at the last minute. You can also make your own fairy doll cake (or princess doll cake, depending on the doll…

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Cool Cake Toppers for Disney Themed Parties

Do you have a little one that can’t seem to get enough of their favorite Disney character? If this sounds like them then you have likely planned the perfectly themed birthday party for them based around their beloved character. You likely have all of the details in order, but the one thing that you have…

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Royalty Party Themes

Whether it’s a 6th birthday party for a little princess or a fun and glitzy wedding anniversary bash, everyone loves a royalty party. Who wouldn’t want to be king or queen for a day? Read on for some royal party ideas and supplies.

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A Valentine’s Day Dress Up Tea Party

I’ve heard of Valentine’s Day parties, where kids exchange cards and little gifts like heart-shaped cookies and candies in the class. But how about a dress-up party? Kids certainly need no excuse to put on fancy gowns or costumes, and if you’re hosting a small party on February 14th (or the closest Sunday), consider a…

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Tangled Party Supplies

Disney's Tangled Party Supplies

The Brothers Grimm fairytale Rapunzel has been retold with Tangled, a cool 3D CGI effects Disney movie. No doubt your little princess will be clamoring for a Tangled birthday party this year, so treat her to the party of her dreams with Tangled party supplies, games and fun, fairytale food.

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Midsummer’s Eve Party

The Medieval and Renaissance period gave us some of our most romantic stories, fairytales and folk tales. They were full of magic, giants, fairies, dragons, knights and maidens. You can incorporate so many different elements into this type of theme that it makes the perfect setting for a wedding celebration, mid-summer luau or any other…

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Menu Ideas for a Princess Party

Princess parties call for for a proper menu of sweets fit for future queens.  Depending upon your party theme, different princess party menu items are in order.  Here are two sure-bet menus for princess parties, and some other tips for creating magical princess party menus. Princess Tea Party Menu Everyone knows that the most authentic…

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Creative Disney Parties

Disney Princess Party Favor box What kid doesn’t love Disney at some point in their lives? These timeless classics have embraced children in all generations and brought them some real magic. You can use this theme to create the perfect little party for your little one. If you want to have a Disney themed party,…

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