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Cool Cake Toppers for Disney Themed Parties

Do you have a little one that can’t seem to get enough of their favorite Disney character? If this sounds like them then you have likely planned the perfectly themed birthday party for them based around their beloved character. You likely have all of the details in order, but the one thing that you have to remember is the cake. Whether you are making it yourself or purchasing one from a bakery, you want to be sure that an adorable cake topper is used to make it just perfect.

Princesses and Fairies

If you have a little girl, chances are they are in love and adore one of the Disney princesses. They may love Cinderella, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or perhaps the Little Mermaid. Whoever their favorite princess or fairy is, you absolutely want to be sure to find that perfect cake topper.

The beauty of this is that the cake can be simplistic in nature, homemade, or even just go with a color theme, but when you put that cake topper on it things just come to life. You can find some adorable ones that either focus on the princess herself or that incorporate a scene from their own story. Whatever you go with, be sure that you use all the right colors to set the scene and that the cake has a perfect spot for the topper.

Disney princess light up cake toppers disney princess castle cake toppers


Vroom Vroom

Is your little guy more into the Disney Cars type of theme? If that sounds like it’s more his style, then by all means go for a Cars cake topper and you will be amazed at how the cake takes on a different shape and almost seems to be in motion of sorts. You can go with primary colors for the cake and recreate a scene from the movie, even depicting something simple and effective like a road. You can find some really great cake toppers out there featuring some of the favorite Cars characters. You can even find some toppers that feature a bunch of the cars if your little one can’t pick just one favorite.

disney cars cake topper disney cars edible cake topper


Go for a Cake Topper Scene

If your little darling is more in love with a certain scene than a character per se, then why not use that as the backdrop for the perfect cake? After all, the cake is a centerpiece at a kid’s birthday party and this can be their dream scene! Use a topper, some colored frosting, and a bit of imagination to recreate the dance floor from Beauty and the Beast. Go for an underwater scene from The Little Mermaid using a cake topper with Ariel to top things off. Or a woodland scene for fairies. A castle with Cinderella.

If you can’t pick just one favorite character, this may be a bit more fitting if they happen to love a certain movie instead. Go for what they like and use the cake toppers to help you create that perfect centerpiece to the birthday party!

Disney fairy cake scenes princess cake scene