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Princess Merida Brave Party Ideas

Let’s hear it for the girls! Especially the brave ones. The new Pixar movie Brave has Princess Merida, skilled at the bow and arrow, flaunting customs and traditions to forge her own epic path. With lush scenery, tartans and Scottish music and food, Brave makes for an epic party! Here are some ideas on how to host your own Brave party.

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Cool Cake Toppers for Disney Themed Parties

Do you have a little one that can’t seem to get enough of their favorite Disney character? If this sounds like them then you have likely planned the perfectly themed birthday party for them based around their beloved character. You likely have all of the details in order, but the one thing that you have…

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Royalty Party Themes

Whether it’s a 6th birthday party for a little princess or a fun and glitzy wedding anniversary bash, everyone loves a royalty party. Who wouldn’t want to be king or queen for a day? Read on for some royal party ideas and supplies.

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Hosting a Disney Princess Party

Which Disney princess are you? Available at Amazon What little kid doesn’t love Disney? What little girl doesn’t love princesses? There’s a good reason as to why the Disney princesses have been so popular for years now. Not only do these princesses offer up beautiful story lines, but they are also something that most little…

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Creative Disney Parties

Disney Princess Party Favor box What kid doesn’t love Disney at some point in their lives? These timeless classics have embraced children in all generations and brought them some real magic. You can use this theme to create the perfect little party for your little one. If you want to have a Disney themed party,…

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