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Creative Disney Parties

What kid doesn’t love Disney at some point in their lives? These timeless classics have embraced children in all generations and brought them some real magic. You can use this theme to create the perfect little party for your little one.

If you want to have a Disney themed party, then it can help to focus on one character and one particular aspect of them. So focus in on what they like, use a bit of creativity, and of course incorporate their favorite Disney character at the center of it all.

Castle of Beauty

If you know anything about princesses, then you know that it is all about the castle. What better way to present your little princess with their very own castle then through a cake? Though this can be one that you can make on your own, you may want to turn to an expert to get all the special attention to detail. The bigger and more elaborate the better, and the cake itself of course has to feature favorite colors of the little princess such as various shades of pink and purple.

Have the castle built as high as possible so that it gets the effect that you really want because this is the centerpiece of the party. Then adorn the cake with different Disney princesses such as Arielle and Cinderella. Be sure to invite all of the little girls attending to dress up as their favorite Disney princess of course!

Vroom Vroom

Cars has become one of the most beloved Disney classics in no time at all. The adorable little cars that are featured in the movie have ensured that kids everywhere take a vested interest in autos like never before.

To create the perfect Cars Disney party, be sure to feature some of the favorite characters such as Fillmore or Bob Cutlass. You can accomplish this through decorations and even in the food that you serve. Go for cupcakes shaped to look just like their favorite Cars character that make for delicious treats and a great reinforcement of the movie that they love so much.

Have a Ball

So much of Disney is about princesses and their journey to become one. A favorite princess of many little girls is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Allow your little girls’ inner princess to come out by creating a formal ball. You can transform any area into a formal ballroom with some simple decorations.

Be sure to play beautiful classic music as is featured in the movie to set the tone. You can set up makeshift chandeliers and line the place with “candle light”. Be sure that the space looks fit for a princess with jewels (pretend of course) and plenty of lace and elaborate detail to turn the party room into a royal ball room. Have fun!