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7 Great Ways to Add Fun to Your Yo Gabba Gabba Party

Who doesn’t love Yo Gabba Gabba? If you are a fan of the show or have a little one at home who loves to dance along with all of the adorable characters then this can make for an excellent party. If you are planning a party around this theme then you absolutely need to incorporate…

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High School Graduation Party Themes

graduation party supplies

In the spring, everyone holds graduation parties. How can you make your child’s or young adult’s party memorable and unique among the hundreds of other events happening around the same time? Here’s some great ideas.

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How to Make a Sue Sylvester Costume from Glee

One of the most fun characters on the show “Glee” is the cheerleading instructor Sue Sylvester.  She is both funny and terrifying.  That makes her a perfect character to dress up as for Halloween, or for a costume party.  Luckily, Sue’s fashion choices are pretty consistent, so it is also pretty easy to come up…

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Luau Party for Teens

Bahama Luau Party theme

A Luau party specifically designed for teens promises fun all day and all night. To throw the best party, carry the theme through all aspects of the event: from invitations to goody bags, and everything in between.

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Playlists for Summer Parties

Keep your summer party going by selecting a perfect playlist.  Here are some different song lists for summer party themes. Summer Cocktail Party Playlist This list is all about cool summer sounds. Buena Vista Social Club (jazzy, latin, energetic, cool, classy)  If you can only pop in ONE CD or select one playlist and put…

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Graduation Party Playlist

It may not seem possible, but that little kid that you once knew is now graduating. This is often hard for parents to grasp, much less the friends and family around them. It can be a major adjustment for even the graduate to get used to. Though it’s a time for celebrating, it can also…

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Yo Gabba Gabba Party Favor Ideas

Every preschooler and even kids of other ages love Yo Gabba Gabba! This TV show has turned into a phenomenon – the bright and vibrant colors, the fun, retro music and the characters make this show unique and instantly likable. The guest stars, from Jack Black to Weezer and Mos Def, appeal to adults too.…

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Yo Gabba Gabba! Characters for Birthday Parties

Quick – name the members of the Dancey Dance Yo Gabba Gabba band. If you were able to rattle off the whole crew, kudos! If, on the other hand, you’re feeling a little lost (who is the monster with one eye, again?), we can help. Why Yo Gabba Gabba? Cartoon characters – and cartoon-like costumed…

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Creative Disney Parties

Disney Princess Party Favor box What kid doesn’t love Disney at some point in their lives? These timeless classics have embraced children in all generations and brought them some real magic. You can use this theme to create the perfect little party for your little one. If you want to have a Disney themed party,…

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