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Neat (and Weird) Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

One of the most fun aspects of hosting an Alice in Wonderland party is that there are so many opportunities to create weird and wonderful party invitations, decorations and costumes.  To start the party off on the right note, go all-out with your Alice in Wonderland party invitations.  You can even incorporate items that the…

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Creative Invitations for a Summer Themed Party

carnival invitation

Summer is here! That means that there’s plenty of beautiful weather ahead and of course the all important outdoor barbeque or party. If you are hosting a party this summer, then be sure to set the tone from the first moment. Coming up with a cute or creative invitation can immediately get people into the…

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Luau Party for Teens

Bahama Luau Party theme

A Luau party specifically designed for teens promises fun all day and all night. To throw the best party, carry the theme through all aspects of the event: from invitations to goody bags, and everything in between.

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Why we Love Evite

We love Evite®.  Why?  Because Evite removes one of the most pressing, and crippling barriers to hosting a party: the invitations.  Almost nobody mails invitations anymore.  MAYBE, for your child’s early birthday parties, or for a christening, or for a wedding. If you feel like you have to mail invitations, you might not be as…

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French Poodle Party Ideas

Ooh la la, a French poodle favor kit! Ooh la la! French poodle party, anyone? I adore this idea – and I’ve recommended it many times for little girls of all ages. Here are some French poodle party ideas for a soire with savoir faire. It’s All About the Ambiance What you’ll want to keep…

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Yo Gabba Gabba! Characters for Birthday Parties

Quick – name the members of the Dancey Dance Yo Gabba Gabba band. If you were able to rattle off the whole crew, kudos! If, on the other hand, you’re feeling a little lost (who is the monster with one eye, again?), we can help. Why Yo Gabba Gabba? Cartoon characters – and cartoon-like costumed…

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Avatar Movie Party Invitation ideas

Avatar is one of the hottest movies to ever hit the screens. The lush 3-D world of Pandora and the realistic Na’vi natives has gripped the imaginations of nearly everybody who has seen it. With success comes Avatar movie theme parties! Though you may not go so far as to put dress in a skin-tight…

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Hosting a Disney Princess Party

Which Disney princess are you? Available at Amazon What little kid doesn’t love Disney? What little girl doesn’t love princesses? There’s a good reason as to why the Disney princesses have been so popular for years now. Not only do these princesses offer up beautiful story lines, but they are also something that most little…

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Make Your Own Movie Theme Party

Lights! Camera! Action! We all love movies, and for some of us they happen to make for an excellent hobby and interest. Not only do movies make for a perfect pastime, but they can actually work well as a theme for a party as well. So whether you want to feature a new movie that…

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