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Make Your Own Movie Theme Party

Lights! Camera! Action! We all love movies, and for some of us they happen to make for an excellent hobby and interest. Not only do movies make for a perfect pastime, but they can actually work well as a theme for a party as well. So whether you want to feature a new movie that just came out or just want that perfect theme for a birthday party, movies are an excellent way to go!

Get Creative – Movie Ticket Invitations

Though the actual viewing of a movie is definitely the focus of the party, you can really get creative with setting the tone. Invite your friends by creating a cute little “Admit One” invitation. This is easy enough to make and when they get a movie ticket in the mail, they’ll be excited to come to the festivities. Here’s how to make one yourself:

  1. Save a ticket stub from a movie you had previously watched in the theatre
  2. Scan it and import into an art program
  3. Erase the movie details and time, then using a font of your choice, type in your own party particulars, including the movie or television event (such as a season or series finale) the time, and whether or not dinner will be served. Add a graphic or image of a character, or a miniature version of the movie poster.
  4. Print them out on card stock and mail them! Some printers have the option of printing several per page – otherwise, you may have to copy and paste so you can fit several on one standard page. Alternatively, save your file and send it to a print shop.
  • If you don’t have time to do this, there’s several artists on Ebay who can make these for you! Just click any ticket invite you like, and contact the seller – they will likely custom make a ticket for you.

Decor Idea – Popcorn Stand!

Give each guest their own popcorn tub at this movie gala. You can either buy them, as there are some cute ones out there, or make them using containers that you cover up in the perfect red and white striped paper that simply says “Popcorn”.

Set up your own concession stand in your home to add to the movie experience. Set up a counter that acts as a working concession stand. Put mock prices on all of the items and be sure to have all of the favorite treats such as licorice, nachos, chocolate covered raisins, and sodas.

Create the Perfect Ambiance

To ensure that you have the perfect movie viewing experience, you need to set the mood. Be sure there is plenty of comfortable seating for your guests to sit back and relax in. If you have the space, set up so that each guest gets their own comfortable chair with a little side table that they can put their snacks and beverage on.

To really create a fun (if silly) party, invite your guests to each dress up as their favorite movie character. (Hello, Avatar!) Then take turns guessing who each one is for a fun little pre-movie game. If you are showing a particular movie that you and your guests have been waiting for, then be sure that guests keep with the theme.

Incorporate props for your space. Use the props and ideas from the featured movie to create decorations for your movie watching space – this can include figures, movie posters, and objects that are shown frequently in the movie (a toy Tommy gun for a 30’s gangster movie, for example).

With a bit of imagination, you can create the perfect movie themed party and enhance your movie watching space!