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Avatar Party Supplies – Recreate James Cameron’s World of Pandora

Adults and kids alike have fallen in love with the movie Avatar, and now you can celebrate this alien world with a movie or birthday party! Avatar party supplies are now available, and I have a bunch of neat ideas to help you plan your party. But first, you need the supplies, and I’ve researched everything for you, and the best place to buy it.

Save on the Complete Avatar Party Package

Save both time and money by purchasing everything you need for your party – whether it be a birthday for yourself or your child, or watching the movie with friends. The complete party package I’ve researched and found comes with the following:

  • 8 Avatar invitations
  • 8 dinner plates
  • 8 cups, forks and spoons
  • 8 solid blue color placemats
  • 16 Avatar themed napkins
  • A solid blue table cloth
  • A blue, star-shaped mylar balloon
  • 18 regular balloons in blue, white and black complimentary colors
  • Curling ribbon in blue, white and black
  • Crepe paper rolls in blue, white and black
  • Star confetti
  • Blue cake candles

If you having an Avatar birthday party for your child, favor boxes are also a must. These include:

  • A sheet of Avatar stickers
  • A glow stick
  • Sweet Tarts Squeeze candy
  • A ninja figure
  • A glow in the dark putty egg

All in an attractive blue box with lightning.

Where’s the Best Place to Purchase this Birthday Party Supply Set?

Celebrate Express is the best place to buy this Avatar party kit. I’ve checked other online stores, and this merchant has the best value and most complete variety of Avatar items for your party.

I’ve ordered from them many times, and my order is always correct, well packaged, and is shipped fast – if you order Friday and your party is on Sunday, they have an overnight shipping option! Not just that, Celebrate Express guarantees their shipping dates, or your entire order is free! (In the US only.)

Finally, if you purchase from Celebrate Express, you will receive a 15% coupon on your next order!

You have a variety of supply options for your party:

  • The complete bithday kit for 8 guests is only $32.99
  • Add $4.99 per favor box, or save 12% by purchasing 8 favor boxes with the birthday kit for $69.49
  • Add a further 8 invitations, plates, cups, forks, spoons and 16 extra Avatar napkins for only an additional $15.99

I always find shopping for birthday supplies the most frustrating part of party planning. Do the cups match my daughter’s birthday theme? What party favors should I get? I often have to get the cups and plates at a different place from the streamers and balloons.

Since I’ve discovered Celebrate Express, all that harried shopping has become a non-issue – not only do I receive all the supplies I need for the cake, I also get all the balloons, streamers and party favors in attractive theme boxes. I can concentrate on the cake and plan the activities for the guests!

Because this set also comes with invitations, order a couple weeks prior to your party to send out the invites.

With Avatar being one of the most popular movies of all time, a party based on the Na’vi characters and set on the world of Pandora will make for an out of this world party! There’s so many creative things you can do, and since everything is set on an imagined, alien landscape, you can decorate your party area any way you please!

Thanks for ordering, and have a great Avatar party!