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Avatar Movie Party Theme Ideas

Saying the movie Avatar was a hit is an understatement – James Cameron, the creator, spent a decade imagining the alien world of Pandora and the oh so blue Na’vi people. With millions of fans appreciating the lush and majestic jungle scenery, the dream-like magical aspects of the living world and all the creatures in them, a lot will be requesting an Avatar themed birthday party. Here’s how to host an out of this world party, with awesome Avatar party supplies, activities and food ideas.


You’ll have to use blue colored paper, of course! Print and cut out Avatar characters like Jake Sully and Neytiri, and announce your Avatar birthday. Within, note that everybody must have an Avatar name, which would be a contraction of their first and last names. So, instead of inviting “Brian Smith,” call him “Bri’an Smeeth.” When announcing your address, mention your street, and “Hometree” instead of your city.

There’s also a variety of official invitations, and people on Ebay can create customized movie ticket invites for you as well.

Creative Decor Ideas – How to Make Pandorans Feel at Home

Major party suppliers are rolling out official Avatar party decor, so you can forgo the blue plates and have a complete set of Avatar supplies! We don’t have the budget James Cameron has to recreate an alien world, but special touches here and there can turn your house into Hometree or Pandora. Here are a couple ideas:

The Bio-luminescence

At night, Pandora’s jungle lit up in a gorgeous, magical spectacle of glowing plants and animals. If you are having your party downstairs with low light, take all the decor you will be using, place them in front of an old black sheet. Take your paint brush, dip it into the paint, carefully pull back the fibers, then let go. Fleck glow-in-the-dark paint on all your decor – the table cloth, the streamers, the balloons, etc. When you turn the lights off, everything will glow with small, scattered light! If you’re using a black sheet, use that too.

If you have some time, buy some large silk leaves and carefully paint the veins of each leaf. In the movie, most of the bio-luminescence emanated from the veins of leaves, and around the edges of others, so mix them up.

The alien jungle

The director, James Cameron, who also directed Titanic, has a deep love for undersea life, and this is reflected in the alien jungle – most species that look like fantastically alien life forms were inspired by living, undersea creatures. For instance, the “Seeds Of Eywa” that really jumped out at you if you watched the 3-D version look suspiciously like jellyfish, and that’s not a coincidence.

With that in mind, look to undersea life when constructing Pandora’s jungle – sea anemones, plants from coral reefs, and images of jellyfish – hang on your wall various tree limbs as blue and green entwined streamers, and hang colored streamers from the ceiling to represent vines. Finally, arrange Pandoran “lifeforms” for kids to play with, and you’ve immersed yourself in an alien world!

Movie memorabilia

If you don’t have time to build a creative set, no problem! There’s Avatar movie posters available, and large Avatar collectible figures (I’m drooling over these, and I’m supposed to be the parent!) Decorate your area with these, add other science fiction trinkets, action figures and toys, then make yourself a blue cocktail (see below), and popcorn, and watch the movie!

  • Amazon has a large page devoted to Avatar gifts – the movie, soundtrack, apparel, action figures, toys, video games and more.

Avatar Food and Drink Ideas

Cocktails: Anything with blue curacao!

Blue curacao is an orange-flavored liqueur with a slight bitterness. Use in a variety of fruity drinks to make them blue.

Na’vi bi’kini mar’tini“:

  • 2 ounces gin
  • 2 ounces blue curacao
  • a splash of peach schnapps

Serve with a slice of orange.

Blue Pandoran Lagoon“:

  • 2 ounces blue curacao
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • lemonade

In a tall glass, add ice and pour first two ingredients. Top with lemonade.

Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Blue ice cubes – Simply mix half water and half of a blue punch, such as blueberry or blue raspberry, and pour into ice cube trays. Add to any drink, such as juice or lemonade
  • Pandoran sunset – blue raspberry juice, Grenadine or a red syrup. Add the juice, then the syrup. The syrup will sink to the bottom, creating a layered effect. Top with a maraschino cherry to be the sun sinking into the waves.
  • Lemonade or kool-aid topped with blueberries

Blue-Inspired Food

Though the movie is known for its environmental message, the Na’vi do hunt for their food. So, serve burgers but, if possible, actively look for organic beef. Other ideas are bison and turkey burgers for their lean content. Other ideas:

Avatar Party Activities and Games

Watch the movie, of course! If you don’t have two and a half hours or 3-D glasses, here’s a couple other activities you can have your kids do:

  • Avatar trivia game – IMDB has a wealth of trivia information on the movie. Grab a couple of these to make a trivia game.
  • Pin the tail on the Leonopteryx – Look in Google Images for a large picture of the great winged creature that the Na’vi call Toruk (Last Shadow) – print it out and paste on your wall for a fun game.
  • Unobtanium – The metal alloy mined by the humans. Simply take any rocks or buy a pack of cystalline toys. With silver paint, have your little party guests paint nuggets of unobtanium for them to take home.
  • Avatar feather necklace – Have the kids fashion a feather necklace, as worn by Neytiti. Braid two loops of suede and have the kids tie blue and brown feathers to it with fishing line. You can buy packs of sterlized feathers at Amazon. The kids, of course, can take this home as part of their gift bag.
  • Hair braids – Most na’vi also braid their hair, so buy some colorful hair beads for a fun afternoon of activities. Stick a feather or two in the elastic at the end!

Party favor Gift bags

Finally, send each guest home with a variety of Avatar-themed goodies. You can buy an official party favor box, or buy some blue-colored bags and print out a variety of characters from the movie. Here’s a couple ideas of what to fill the bag with:

  • blue M&M candies or chocolate-covered blueberries
  • Avatar stickers, blue crayons and blue pencils
  • Avatar bookmarks – I haven’t yet seen any sale, but you can easily make them yourself by printing images off the web using thick, glossy papper- here’s a great image to start with.
  • Glow sticks for the nighttime bio-luminescence
Thanks, and check out all the Avatar themed party supplies below!