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Snoopy & Peanuts Christmas Theme Party Ideas

snoopy peanuts theme party

Now’s the perfect time to get a traditional Peanuts Christmas party going. Kids and adults of all generations love Snoopy, the classic children’s movie/TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas and the whole Peanuts gang. This year, hold a holiday party everyone will love, with cartoon characters that are a tradition all by themselves.

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Circus Themed Party Ideas

Come one, come all! The biggest show in town is at your house with a fun and whimsical circus themed birthday party. Step right up and get the best party tips for supplies, decorations, games, eats and treats.

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Menu Ideas for a Princess Party

Princess parties call for for a proper menu of sweets fit for future queens.  Depending upon your party theme, different princess party menu items are in order.  Here are two sure-bet menus for princess parties, and some other tips for creating magical princess party menus. Princess Tea Party Menu Everyone knows that the most authentic…

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Make Your Own Movie Theme Party

Lights! Camera! Action! We all love movies, and for some of us they happen to make for an excellent hobby and interest. Not only do movies make for a perfect pastime, but they can actually work well as a theme for a party as well. So whether you want to feature a new movie that…

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