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Why we Love Evite

We love Evite®.  Why?  Because Evite removes one of the most pressing, and crippling barriers to hosting a party: the invitations.  Almost nobody mails invitations anymore.  MAYBE, for your child’s early birthday parties, or for a christening, or for a wedding. If you feel like you have to mail invitations, you might not be as likely to host the casual get-together party.  Emails and phone calls can be kind of hard to track and sporadic. Evite is the answer!

Put Together a Party

Wanna have a barbeque next weekend?  How about a pool party a couple of weeks from now?  Need to know approximately how many people will be at your next event?  Running low on time to track down emails? Turn to Evite.  It’s the easiest way to put a party together on relatively short notice, and for occasions when formal invitations aren’t necessary. Best of all, it is completely free!

Choose Your Theme

EviteEvite has hundreds of themes to choose from.  The themes are composed of design templates, and RSVP language and categories appropriate to the theme.  For example, this was a birthday brunch invitation.  The RSVP choices were:

  • I have the perfect outfit!  (attending)
  • Washing my hair (not attending)

These are a fun way to put a little bit of personalization with your event, but without sending invitations in the mail.
Setting up the Evite guest list

See the Guest List

When setting up your Evite, you can customize the response options, and what other guests can see.  You can set the invitation to show guests (and their responses) or hide guests.  Showing the guests lets others see who else is coming so they can plan to carpool.  The responses are fun to read, because everyone can leave a personal sentiment for the host.

Maps, Food Requests, and More

Evite allows you to easily share a map and directions with your guests: they can even text directions to their mobile phones.  You can request that guests bring food, bring a payment, and other options.  Evite will email your guests their invitation, and help you track RSVPs.  It allows you to email your guests if you make changes to the event, and sends each guest a reminder about the event, and how they have RSVPed, a few days before the event.

We find Evite to be a very helpful tool that makes party planning and hosting easier.  And we’re all for anything that makes throwing parties more fun!