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Organizing a Fourth of July Block Party

Feel like doing something big this Independence Day? How about a neighborhood Fourth of July block party? There are logistics to consider, of course. Have a plan in place and stick with it. Here’s what we recommend for Independence Day block party basics.

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90th Birthday Party

There are certain milestones in life that we all hope to achieve. We have certain ideas for what we want our life to be, and when it works out it’s fantastic. If you are lucky enough to reach the brilliant age of ninety, then there should most definitely be a party in your honor to…

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Stress Free Event Planning

Planning an event, whether it is a party, a wedding, or a business event, can be extremely stressful. What’s the best way to beat the stress? Get organized! Here are a few tips for planning your event without all the stress that usually comes with it. Plan ahead. Leaving everything till the last minute is…

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Why we Love Evite

We love Evite®.  Why?  Because Evite removes one of the most pressing, and crippling barriers to hosting a party: the invitations.  Almost nobody mails invitations anymore.  MAYBE, for your child’s early birthday parties, or for a christening, or for a wedding. If you feel like you have to mail invitations, you might not be as…

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Party Staging 101: Easy Refills within Reach

Good party staging can mean the difference between enjoying your own party and being stuck in the kitchen/pantry/garage all night long. Decorations are nice.  Plenty of ice is key.  Keeping the party playlist going and the drinks flowing are integral.  But good staging is what separates the men from the boys, the pros from the…

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How to Be a Good Party Guest

Between birthdays, retirement celebrations, kids’ parties, anniversaries and holidays, we all go to a lot of parties.  Maybe you’re more of a guest than a host.  Whether out of obligation, or out of a sense of fun, if you’re a frequent party-goer, follow these tips to be a great guest.  (Unless you’re tired of being…

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