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90th Birthday Party

There are certain milestones in life that we all hope to achieve. We have certain ideas for what we want our life to be, and when it works out it’s fantastic. If you are lucky enough to reach the brilliant age of ninety, then there should most definitely be a party in your honor to celebrate this giant milestone! This is a long time to live and there is much to celebrate on this most festive birthday.

Pay Homage to the Individual

This is a time to really focus in on what this person’s life has been about. Reaching the age of 90 is something fantastic, and therefore you want to be sure to pay homage to the guest of honor. Gather up as many pictures of them as you can, and be sure that they range from their youth to present day. Take the opportunity to frame these pictures and make them part of the centerpiece at the party. Then take things one step further by turning these videos into a movie that all of the guests can enjoy. There are some great software programs out there that allow you to put all of the pictures to music and create a nice little tribute.

Reaching this milestone is quite a feat, and as such you should celebrate it with family. If possible, and if the guest of honor is comfortable, every family member should be invited – sons and daughters of course, and also grandkids and great-grandkids. After all, without the birthday girl or boy, no immediate family member surrounding them would exist! This is a perfect occasion for a multi-generational photo op.

Respect the wishes of of the person you’re paying homage to, and involve him or her in the party plans – know what they like or dislike, and what they are comfortable with. If this is your grandmother or great-grandmother, and she loves flowers, create bright, cheerful flower centerpieces. They would also make great take-home gifts.

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Gather Memorabilia and Sentimental Items

If all possible, do your best to get your hands on anything from the year that the guest of honor was born. Collect any sort of memorabilia that is pertinent to their life through the years. Bring in any special accents such as awards, medals, or any other collectible or sentimental items that you can put on display. Research the times they lived through, and incorporate that into a theme, if you wish to do so.

This party is all about them, so decorate the venue with all sorts of collectibles and items that represent who they are as an individual. This can really take you far in terms of party planning and create that perfect atmosphere.