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Creative Invitations for a Summer Themed Party

Summer is here! That means that there’s plenty of beautiful weather ahead and of course the all important outdoor barbeque or party. If you are hosting a party this summer, then be sure to set the tone from the first moment.

Coming up with a cute or creative invitation can immediately get people into the right mindset for the perfect summer gathering. So use the type of gathering that you are having as a basis and then get creative and have some fun.

The Summer BBQ

No summer is complete without the perfect summer barbeque. Not only are these usually pretty easy to host, but they are fun too. Consider using a tool of the trade as the shape of your invitation. Cut out a mini grill or spatula using a sturdy paper and then create your own invitation from there.

Alternatively you can include a smaller item that will be a part of the barbeque in an adorable invitation such as a skewer. Be sure that the invitation is bright and vibrant and that there are little hints of BBQ all over it—some ideas include little ketchup and mustard bottles, hot dogs and hamburgers, and a tall glass of lemonade.

If you can’t find a pre-made invitation like this, then consider making your own using stamps of popular BBQ items.

Mini Carnival

You don’t have to wait for the fair to come to town—you can create your own mini carnival right in your backyard! This is easy to set up and fun for kids of all ages. Consider setting up baby pools, slip and slides, and games such as water balloon toss and other favorites.

carnival invitationGet guests in the mood by sending out invitations that represent a fun carnival theme. You can invite them to the “big top” and get them excited when they see what’s in store for them. Use a carnival or fair theme for your invitation which absolutely has to include bright and vibrant colors.

Consider lining the sides of your invitation with that stereotypical red and white stripe that we all recognize for fairs. Invite them to come compete in summer games and consider turning your invitation into a ticket for entry for a fun little play on things.

Summer Potluck

There’s no better way to celebrate summer with a perfect little potluck. Not only does this take the fuss off of you as the host, but it allows guests to bring some of their favorite summer dishes.

Create an invitation that assigns them a particular category and be sure that it has a cooking or summer theme to it. Be sure to make it “summery” and that the details spell out what they are requested to bring.

Then for a fun play on this, include an index or recipe card where they can write down the details of their culinary miracle that they can share with all the other guests.