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Incorporating Party Favors into Decorations

You can make your decorations do double-duty as party favors and vice versa.  A themed party is always more fun when everyone at the party is dressed up.  Decorations can be more than just “icing on the cake,” they can be part of the parting gifts for the guests.  They can also be incorporated into…

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Surf’s Up Party Food Ideas

Your party food can do double duty as sustenance for your guests and as part of the party theme.  Here are some food ideas for a Surf’s Up party, or any bbq, summer or luau-themed party.  These treats will keep your groms and wahines well-fed to enjoy their surfing activities! Grom Guacamole This is an…

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Creative Invitations for a Summer Themed Party

carnival invitation

Summer is here! That means that there’s plenty of beautiful weather ahead and of course the all important outdoor barbeque or party. If you are hosting a party this summer, then be sure to set the tone from the first moment. Coming up with a cute or creative invitation can immediately get people into the…

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Backyard BBQ Party Themes

Host a backyard bbq party with a theme for some “hot fun in the summertime.”  There are many ways you can theme your barbeque party, and still have a traditional cookout.  Here are some fun party ideas where your grill will be right at home. Luau Barbecue Party Invitations Invite guests to your Luau barbeque…

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To have a Themed Party or to Have a Party with no Theme

Why would we write an article about having a party without a theme, when we’re all about party themes?  Well, not every party NEEDS a theme.  Sometimes, adding a theme to a party can distract from the goal of the party: to enjoy friends and relatives in an intimate setting.  Sometimes, adding a theme creates…

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Graduation Party Themes on a Budget

Hosting a graduation party on a budget is a reality for thousands of high school and college graduates facing college tuition or student loans – not to mention the parents paying for them!  Graduation is certainly a time for celebrating, of course!  You can throw a fun graduation party on a budget.  Here are some…

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Soccer Party Ideas and Supplies

Celebrate soccer, the FIFA World Cup or a birthday fan with a soccer (or football) themed party! Here’s ideas, games, activities and food to keep your little and big party guests entertained, watered, and ready to watch the big games.

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Hosting a Birthday Party Outside at a Park

The weather is warming up and so that means that people want to get outside as much as possible. Being outside is such a treat on a daily basis, and happens to make a perfect backdrop for a party. A fantastic environment for a birthday party is a park, and it can serve well for…

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Backyard Bonfire Party Treats

A Backyard Bonfire Party calls for Backyard Bonfire Treats!  Here are some ooey-gooey and fun snacks to serve at your next cookout party. Campfire Sweets S’mores Buffet Traditional s’mores are made from two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow.  What we do is build our s’mores complete and place on a…

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