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Tiki Luau Party Ideas

tiki party supplies

Remember tiki luau parties? They’re back and bigger than ever, so grab a mai tai and read on how to host an awesome poolside (or garden) summer party filled with tiki torches, decor and tropical drinks!

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Christmas Cocktails to Make the Season Bright

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, the adults were sipping festive cocktails, even the mouse! So much of the holidays are about the younger set and sometimes you just want to kick back and be an adult. These cocktails are sure to please and show off some of the most festive…

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Kardashian Glamour Cocktail Party

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you are well aware of the over the top and glamorous lifestyle of the hit TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Here’s how to throw a glamorous Kardashian themed party.

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Birthday Centerpieces for Island Themes

There’s just something about summer that makes people want to celebrate all that is tropical. It makes sense with the sunshine and the warm weather that you have the perfect backdrop to celebrate an island or luau themed party. If you happen to love the islands or just adore this theme, then you want to…

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Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Though they may seem chic and trendy, wine tasting parties have been around for years. These are a great way to get together and to enjoy the company of friends and some good wine in the process. If you are a bit of a wine connoisseur, then this may become a regular occurrence. Even if…

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Chocolate Party Themes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whatever your age or stage of life, chocolate seems to have a universal language. The sweet gooey taste is simply irresistible and therefore many people flock to for a nice little pick me up each and every day. It also happens to make a perfect theme for a party. Never thought…

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Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Oscars!

Roll out the red carpet for your guests at your Oscar party. Let them feel like the stars of your life by inviting them to an elegant and fun party while watching the biggest awards show of the year. Use clip art to create your Oscar-themed invitations and encourage party-goers to dress in their black-tie…

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Oscar Party Menu

What’s more fun than a fully themed-out party?  NOTHING! For your Oscar party this year, theme your menu to the ten Best Picture nominees!  Here are some ideas: 2010 Oscar Menu Avatar The land of blue creatures and fantastic plants.  How about an interesting salad with sauteed fiddlehead ferns, mixed greens, jicama and BLUE cheese…

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Bombs Away! (Shot glasses)

The Razzies (the Worst movies of the year) come out the day before the Oscars. Why not toast the worst of the worst with Bombs Away shot glasses? (Heck, many of the Oscar contenders bombed at the box office too. Remember Nine? No, not 9 or Sector 9). Heck, we could come up with a…

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