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Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Oscars!

Roll out the red carpet for your guests at your Oscar party. Let them feel like the stars of your life by inviting them to an elegant and fun party while watching the biggest awards show of the year.

  • Use clip art to create your Oscar-themed invitations and encourage party-goers to dress in their black-tie best.
  • If possible, lay out an actual red carpet to welcome your guests.
  • Enlist the help of kids or teens to act as paparazzi and take instant or digital photos of your “celebrity” guests. Give guests a glass of champagne, sparkling wine or sparkling cider or a champagne punch as a budget-friendly alternative upon arrival.
  • Print out score cards of all of the nominees in the main categories (best motion picture, best actor, best supporting actor, etc. categories) and let guests vote for whom they think will win before the show starts. Award prizes to the guest(s) who guess the most correct winners. A great prize would be an Oscar-inspired trophy or a subscription to a movie-industry publication.
  • If you don’t have a large-screen TV to watch the broadcast, set up multiple televisions throughout your party space so no one misses a minute of action.
  • For guests who might not be interested in the awards show, you might set up a separate screening area to show past Oscar award-winning films.
  • During commercials or the categories guests are less interested in, play movie trivia games.
  • Since the broadcast takes place after dinner, serve elegant hors d’oeuvres or make it a desserts-only menu. Or make some movie-themed treats.
  • Get movie-themed frames to give to guests with their photo to take home as their party favor.

Plan a fun-filled Oscar celebration and you’ll be sure to win the “Best Host of the Year” award!