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Snoopy & Peanuts Christmas Theme Party Ideas

snoopy peanuts theme party

Now’s the perfect time to get a traditional Peanuts Christmas party going. Kids and adults of all generations love Snoopy, the classic children’s movie/TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas and the whole Peanuts gang. This year, hold a holiday party everyone will love, with cartoon characters that are a tradition all by themselves.

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A Winter Birthday That Defies the Coldest Temperature

Winter birthdays may be filled with cold temperatures but they can really warm the heart! If you have a child with a winter birthday then you know that your options may be limited. Though the summer birthday may offer many wonderful outdoor options, you can’t really go out and enjoy a day at the beach…

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4 Warm and Icy Winter Wonderland Menu Ideas

Walking in a winter wonderland can be magical if you use the right elements to carry off this popular party theme. This is a great way to lighten up the cold and often drab months of winter. Guests will enjoy beautiful snowflake decorations, snowman plates and frosted serving pieces. And of course, your frosty decor…

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Say What? Christmas Already?

Christmas is coming – are you ready? Don’t feel bad; neither are we. Oh sure, my mother in law has been QVC-ing her little heart out since August in anticipation of the winter holidays, of which my family celebrates several (Christmas and Hannukah are the first two that come to mind). And yes, I admit…

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Winter Wonderland Party Cake Ideas

The glistening of the gorgeous white snow and the chill in the air creates the perfect setting for a winter celebration. This is such a wonderful theme for a party and presents a welcome change from the mundane cold days that we encounter. A Winter Wonderland theme makes the season bright even after the holiday…

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Reusing Holiday Décor to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Atmosphere

Looking to save money this year on your Christmas décor? The solution may only be one storage closet away. That’s right, your stashed décor from other holidays can be the perfect fit for creating a seasonal atmosphere in your house. And it’s amazingly easy (and fun!) to recycle decorations to fit a Christmas theme. Here’s…

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A Valentine’s Day Dress Up Tea Party

I’ve heard of Valentine’s Day parties, where kids exchange cards and little gifts like heart-shaped cookies and candies in the class. But how about a dress-up party? Kids certainly need no excuse to put on fancy gowns or costumes, and if you’re hosting a small party on February 14th (or the closest Sunday), consider a…

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Time for a January Backyard BBQ!

That’s it, I’ve had enough of winter! Christmas is over, the bills are coming in, and the tree is gone. It’s all so chilly and depressing here – and where I live, winter isn’t even half way over. Luckily, every few years, there’s a week in January known as the “Pinapple Express,” where a warm…

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