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Love Your Valentine One Tasty Morsel At a Time

Anybody can give candy or flowers for Valentine’s Day, but why not try something unconventional and yet so delicious? This year it’s all about the cupcakes! Or maybe it’s just because I had some, and I’m inspired to find some more! If you want to make something for your sweetie and want to keep it…

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A Valentine’s Day Dress Up Tea Party

I’ve heard of Valentine’s Day parties, where kids exchange cards and little gifts like heart-shaped cookies and candies in the class. But how about a dress-up party? Kids certainly need no excuse to put on fancy gowns or costumes, and if you’re hosting a small party on February 14th (or the closest Sunday), consider a…

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Hello Kitty Party Theme

Is your cute little pussycat wild about Hello Kitty? With her pink bow and adorable face, Hello Kitty has been a beloved children’s icon since the 1970s. Here’s how to plan this fun party with your youngster!

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Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day is not only a time to celebrate the one you love, it’s also a great excuse to decorate, bake heart-shaped cookies, spend time making crafts and, of course, eat chocolate! Here are some crafts and decoration ideas to make your house (or desk, or office) festive for Valentine’s Day.

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A Gal’s Guide to Valentine’s Day – WITHOUT GUYS!

Ladies – you can celebrate Valentine’s Day just fine without menfolk.  Here’s how to do it.  And guys, pull your minds OUT OF THE GUTTER.  This is a FAMILY website.  I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, but not because of boyfriends.  (Here’s where I spill my guts. Enjoy.)  I didn’t have a first boyfriend until I…

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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Celebrate the season of love with these Valentine’s Day party ideas. We’ve got you covered: from invitations to games, food to decorations, here’s how to plan a fun Valentine’s Day party for friends and family.

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