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Valentine’s Day Decor

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Valentine’s Day is not only a time to celebrate the one you love, it’s also a great excuse to decorate, bake heart-shaped cookies, spend time making crafts and, of course, eat chocolate! Here are some crafts and decoration ideas to make your house (or desk, or office) festive for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Wreaths

You can make a wreath out of anything!  Get a floral foam form and make a wreath from artificial or real flowers.  Or, bend a coat-hanger into a heart shape, and cover it with tinsel and ribbons.  Cut out a heart shape from a cereal box, un-glued and un-folded, and then glue little hearts of all sizes and different shades of pink, red and white on it.  Hang it on the door, or the front of your desk.

Paper Heart Garland

You can make paper hearts, just like paper dolls, in all sizes. Or, you can cut out different shapes of hearts, from different materials, and glue them to a ribbon, which you can string cross your door frame, above the table, or from two light fixtures.  (Just make sure to glue the ribbon across the top 1/4 of the hearts, below the “v” in the top of the heart, so they don’t flip over!)

Bake a Valentine’s Day Cake

Whether or not you’re having a party, serving a Valentine’s Day cake at your Valentine’s Day Dinner is fun!  You can buy heart-shaped cake pans, valentine’s sprinkles, red and pink sugar, and other decorations.  Color your vanilla icing pink with a little bit of red food coloring.  (Hint: add just a little bit of water to canned icing before spreading it.  The water makes the icing shiny, stretches it out, and makes icing the cake easier.)

Twinkle Lights

Dig out your lights leftover from Christmas, and string them inside, around the house.  Hang them from the chandelier, decorate the doorways, and leave the lighting to them.  Miniature lights make even ordinary evenings feel special.

Chandelier Makeover

Hang red and clear drop crystals from your chandelier.  You can turn even the most ordinary looking light fixture into a Valentine’s Day decor centerpiece with crystals.  You should be able to get them at a craft store.

Set up a Candy Bar Centerpiece

Buy some inexpensive parfait glasses of different heights, and fill them with different kinds and colors of candy.  M&Ms, candy hearts, foil-wrapped peanut butter cups, sweet tarts and jellybeans in shades of pink, white, red or purple are great for visual appeal.  Put a spoon in each parfait glass so that people help themselves to the candy (germ-free).

Make a Mobile

This is a fun one for kids.  Let them each make several paper hearts, or hearts made from cardboard, ribbons, glitter, glue and fabric.  Then, make a mobile with them using wire and fishing line to hang from the ceiling.

Create a Valentine Tree

Grab one of those photo trees, and replace the photos with Valentines.  You can make the Valentines, fill it with paper hearts, or put Valentines from previous years on display.