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Super Bowl XLVI Party Planning

Get ready for Super Bowl XLVI, where the New York Giants will be playing the New England Patriots! It is not just a party, it is an EVENT! Here’s how to throw a fantastic Super Bowl fete at your house.

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Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving and football have gone together since….well, since there’s been both! Why not combine the two this year? Here’s how to plan and host an awesome Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving party.

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Chicago Bears Party

Da Bears! Have a football party to celebrate your favorite football team: The Chicago Bears. Their distinctive logo, the “wishbone C”, orange and navy blue colors, and their longtime stadium, “Soldier Field”, gives party hosts plenty of inspiration for decorations, food, fun and games.

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9 Cool Father’s Day Ideas (5 Involve No Money)

Dad gets his special day too! No matter what the commercials say, you don’t have to buy him something – when he says he doesn’t “want anything,” what he really means is that he wants a new sports car, a new job, or a time machine (preferably in a hot tub) to go back a…

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Soccer Party Ideas and Supplies

Celebrate soccer, the FIFA World Cup or a birthday fan with a soccer (or football) themed party! Here’s ideas, games, activities and food to keep your little and big party guests entertained, watered, and ready to watch the big games.

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Decorating for Your Super Bowl Party

Football-themed decorations make a Super Bowl party different from your average Sunday afternoon game-watching get together.  There are many different sports-themed decorations available, from football shaped lights to hang around the kitchen, to streamers and flags that look like footballs, and even helium balloons that are shaped like footballs. Stock up before these decorations are…

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