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Chicago Bears Party

Da Bears! Have a football party to celebrate your favorite football team: The Chicago Bears.  With many national championships under their belts and fans stretched across North America, The Bears are a good bet for a football party anywhere!  Their distinctive logo, the “wishbone C”, distinctive team colors (Orange and Navy Blue), and their longtime stadium, “Soldier Field”, gives party hosts plenty of inspiration for decorations, food, fun and games.

Decorations – Orange and Navy Blue

Definitely stock up on crepe paper, balloons and streamers for your Chicago Bears football party. Click here and scroll down to view everything you can buy related to the team. The team colors are navy blue and orange.  Balloon bouquets of navy and orange latex balloons with festive football decals, mylar balloons, tablecloths, and other themed decorations will complete the look.  Use orange and navy napkins, plastic cutlery and other orange and blue accessories.

Chicago Bear specific decorations like flags, bear pennants, orange megaphones, orange wristbands and orange noisemakers will make the party all the more festive.  The Chicago Bears website also has a fun section where you can print out “bumper stickers” with funny sayings like “If you’re not a fan, you’re a tourist!” and “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know with season tickets.”

The “wishbone C” logo should also be displayed prominently around the party area.

To go all-out, construct a giant bear head out of poster board for your guests to walk through on their way into the party.  (That’s what the the Bears walk through on their way into the field.)

Food, Chicago Style

Chicago is definitely known for its food.  This gives football party planners lots to work with, in terms of party foods and flavors.  Host an authentic Chicago Bears party by serving these Chicago treats:

  • Deep dish pizza:  Made famous by Lou Malnati, these pizzas have a deep, buttery crust and are loaded with pepperoni and tomatoes.  Order them online from Chicago, or find an approximation in your freezer section.
  • Chicago-style hot dogs: These are all-beef hot dogs, served on poppyseed buns with these toppings: mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers, and celery salt.  NO ketchup allowed!
  • Beer: and lots of it (but you knew that!)
  • Italian beef sandwiches:  shredded beef with peppers on crispy Italian bread

Other must-have foods for a football party buffet include:

  • Orange crush (orange, for DA BEARS!)
  • Pigs in blankets
  • A veggie tray (for the health nuts)
  • Mixed nuts
  • Chips and dip


Watching the game will be your numero uno activity for your Chicago Bears party.  Here are some other fun activities.

  • Chicago trivia:  Divide into two teams and take turns answering trivia about the “Second City.”  What famous presidents hail from Chicago?  When was the World’s Fair there?  When did the Sears Tower open?
  • Chicago charades:  Act out famous Chicago events and landmarks.
  • Play touch football:  during half-time, stage your own football game
  • Bet on the game.  (Sure, gambling is not legal anywhere but in your own house, but why not inside your house?
  • Host a hot-dog eating contest.  (This is a highly unhealthy activity, and one you wouldn’t want to enjoy very often, but it could be really fun!  You could use mini-franks.)
  • Guess the Uniform:  The Chicago bears have had more uniform designs than any other team in the NFL.  Print out pictures of each of the uniforms and have your guests put them in the order that they have been worn throughout the years.