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Decorating for Your Super Bowl Party

Football-themed decorations make a Super Bowl party different from your average Sunday afternoon game-watching get together.  There are many different sports-themed decorations available, from football shaped lights to hang around the kitchen, to streamers and flags that look like footballs, and even helium balloons that are shaped like footballs.

Stock up before these decorations are sold out.  Here are some of our favorites:

Football Party Picks

Use these for snacks that you’ll present on a platter, rather than serving alongside a tray of cheese cubes.  They’ll add a festive air to your table!

Football Lights

Football lights

These lights will add a festive air to your kitchen, or outside framing your doorway.  Let everyone know where the Super Bowl party is.  With these lights, it will be hard to mistake your next door neighbor for the festive destination.

Pennant Footballs

Criss-cross these specialty streamers over the food table.  They’re lightweight and fun, and add instant “game day” appeal to your party setup.

Football Balloons

This is Katie’s favorite!  You can nab some of these balloons online, and then take them to your local grocery store or florist to fill with helium.  They can add solid colored balloons in the colors of the teams playing, and you’ll have an instant bouquet of merriment!

Other Super Bowl Decorations

You can always include plates, forks, knives, napkins, balloons, streamers and lights in the colors of the teams playing.  Or, you can include decorations from the location of the game.

The 44th Super Bowl is in Miami.  Why not add a tropical flair to your party?

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

It’s just fun to serve drinks out of an inflatable palm tree.  Plus, this party prop can do double duty at your next Luau-themed party.  Or, as a standard piece of summer decor.


Dress the flamingos in the colors of the teams playing in the Super Bowl.  Then, when the game is over, give them to the people who were closest selecting the winning score of the winning team.

Mix traditional Super Bowl party decorations with fun items related to this year’s game, and you’ll have a fantastic gathering.