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Elmo and Zoe Birthday Theme

elmo and cupcakes

Muppet pals Elmo and Zoe make quite a pair. They also make an ideal birthday theme! We LOVE this theme because it combines a classic show – Sesame Street – with two characters every kid adores. An Elmo and Zoe birthday theme party is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers…a notoriously active bunch. Keep them (and…

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Birthday Party Treats to Bring to Daycare

It’s your child’s birthday, and you want to send some treats to share to daycare.  You need to stay away from nuts–one of the most common food allergies.  But, there are some other issues to be aware of, too.  Food that’s easy to eat.  Being aware of choking hazards, and staying away from too much…

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Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party

Come inside – it’s fun inside! Mickey Mouse (and his Clubhouse) makes the perfect 1st birthday party for your little one. Here’s how to put together the decorations, set up a menu, create some fun games and send invitations for your child’s Mickey Mouse 1st birthday party.

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Elmo and Dorothy Birthday Tips

I’ve noticed something interesting during the many (many, many, many) Elmo DVDs I’ve watched with my family. One of the biggest stars in Elmo’s World is a character who never says a thing! That’s right…much like Silent Bob or Teller of Penn and Teller – but for younger audiences – Dorothy, Elmo’s pet fish, has…

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Yo Gabba Gabba Party Favor Ideas

Every preschooler and even kids of other ages love Yo Gabba Gabba! This TV show has turned into a phenomenon – the bright and vibrant colors, the fun, retro music and the characters make this show unique and instantly likable. The guest stars, from Jack Black to Weezer and Mos Def, appeal to adults too.…

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Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party Ideas

The colors, the music, the characters – there has never been a show quite like Yo Gabba Gabba before. Amongst the preschool set, this is the hot new cartoon, but yet it’s so much more than that. If you are hosting a birthday party for your little one and this happens to be their favorite…

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