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Party Favor Ideas for Preschool Children’s Birthday Parties

Goody bags really make a party. And party favors have come a long way from the standard plastic mini-maze and piece of candy. Try the following gift bag ideas for your preschooler (3-5) child’s birthday party.

Art Supply Goodies

Most kids in this age group love to draw, cut and color. These artistic gifts are perfect party favors:

  • mini coloring book with crayons
  • sidewalk chalk
  • washable markers
  • mini paint brush set with a coloring book
  • blank stickers for coloring, and markers
  • a small craft

Wearable Fun

Preschoolers adore dressup and pretend…and just acting goofy. How about:

  • funny or cool sunglasses
  • a fun cap or hat that goes with your party theme
  • animal ears on a headband (a kitten, bunny, dog, etc.)
  • temporary tattoos
  • silly socks in wild colors

Mini Toys

You don’t need to go crazy on the expense here, and you want to keep the item small so it fits into the goody bag or next to a plate as a favor. Here are some kid-approved favorites:

  • bubbles and a bubble wand (but be careful of small parts)
  • mini cars, trains or boats
  • novelty-size dolls
  • a small stuffed animal that goes with your party theme

Sports Theme Favors

Keep guests active with favors they can play with at the party or take home.

  • small kickable cloth balls (hackey-sacks)
  • a mini football, basketball, soccer ball or baseball—try soft/cloth versions for very young children, or Nerf balls
  • jump rope
  • bean bags (gather kids together at the party for a bean bag toss or race, then let them have one bean bag each to take home)

Themes Make Everything Easy

If you’re at a loss and don’t know where to begin with the party favors, consider the theme of the party and/or your child’s favorite activity, TV or movie character, or even song. Go to your local dollar or discount store and look for small items that match the idea. Party supply stores often have small items to match your theme as well.

Keep your options on the actual type of favor open and look for poseable/action figures, dress-up clothing or accessory pieces, coloring books, or jewelry that matches the party theme.

Be Sure the Goodies are Safe

One other thing to consider (but perhaps the most important) is safety. Steer clear of small pieces that can be choking hazards or wind up in unexpected places (like ears or nostrils—I’ve had experience with this, believe it or not! … Oh, you’re a parent too … definitely believable!)

Make sure you’re buying non-toxic items and that there are no sharp edges. Also avoid anything long and pointy; no matter how cute the trinket may be, what your mother told you about putting your eye out still holds true.

Let the birthday girl or boy help you pick out the party favors if she or he will not be too “grabby” about them; if you’re worried about the must-have-it-factor, however, shop alone. Either way, look for toys that guarantee fun but don’t break your budget. Then wrap everything up in cute bags or just a big bow and let the partying begin!