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Incorporating Party Favors into Decorations

You can make your decorations do double-duty as party favors and vice versa.  A themed party is always more fun when everyone at the party is dressed up.  Decorations can be more than just “icing on the cake,” they can be part of the parting gifts for the guests.  They can also be incorporated into…

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Luau Party for Teens

Bahama Luau Party theme

A Luau party specifically designed for teens promises fun all day and all night. To throw the best party, carry the theme through all aspects of the event: from invitations to goody bags, and everything in between.

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Yo Gabba Gabba Party Favor Ideas

Every preschooler and even kids of other ages love Yo Gabba Gabba! This TV show has turned into a phenomenon – the bright and vibrant colors, the fun, retro music and the characters make this show unique and instantly likable. The guest stars, from Jack Black to Weezer and Mos Def, appeal to adults too.…

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Best Party Favors for Boys

Send your son’s party guests home with a bag full of awesome goodies! If you’re up for it, let them decorate their goody bags, and some of the favors they’ll take home. Here’s some great ideas for party favors for boys.  Party Favors to Decorate T-shirts:  Let them use paint pens, fabric paint, stamps, or tie-dye.…

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Host a Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo!

Shake your maracas and put on a sombrero because it’s fiesta time! Whether you want to celebrate Mexican culture on May 5th or you want to create a fiesta any time of the year, here are some fast, fun and affordable ideas for a Cinco de Mayo party. Invitations Affix your invitation to a packet…

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Best Party Favors for Girls

No birthday party is complete without party favors.  You can make party favors DURING the party, or you can put together a fun bag of treat for girls to take home. Party Craft Favors There are several things you can make or decorate during the party that are super girl’s party favors.  Some ideas: Decorating…

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