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Best Party Favors for Girls

No birthday party is complete without party favors.  You can make party favors DURING the party, or you can put together a fun bag of treat for girls to take home.

Party Craft Favors

There are several things you can make or decorate during the party that are super girl’s party favors.  Some ideas:

  • Decorating baseball caps.  You can buy plain caps pretty inexpensively.  Get some paint pens, and remind moms to dress their girls in old clothes.
  • Decorating cookies or cupcakes.  Send them home in Chinese takeout boxes.  The girls can decorate those too.  (With different decorating supplies!)
  • Blank books are fun to decorate and can then be a journal or diary.  Check local arts supplies stores for blank books, or purchase a 3 Pack of “Bitty Books” from Amazon.

Treat Bag Swag

Sometimes, it’s just easier to make up the treat bag ahead of time.  Little girls love sparkly things, costume jewelry and lip gloss.  Here are some tried and true favors they’ll squeal to get!

  • Stickers:  especially stickers from popular tv, movie and cartoon characters of the moment.
  • Bubbles: regular bubbles, bubble rings, bubble necklaces, etc.
  • Lip gloss:  lip smackers come in all kinds of fun flavors. There are also lip gloss rings, lip gloss key chains, and lip gloss pendants.
  • Costume jewelry: bracelets and necklaces that they can mix and match.
  • Hair accessories: bows, clips, bobby pins-you name it, they’ll love it.
  • Silly putty: a classic that’s still fun
  • Art supplies:  crayons, markers, glitter pens
  • Temporary tattoos: butterflies, stars, rainbows
  • Coloring books:  every little girl likes to color!
  • Self-inking stamps: slightly less messy than stamps with separate ink pads.
  • My Pet Fish Soap: Weird, and fun.  Not for kids under the age of 4.  You don’t want them to eat the fish.