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Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Hooray, time for an Elmo theme birthday party for your baby or child! Here’s ideas for supplies, decor, games and food – Dorothy the Goldfish and Mr. Noodle are invited too.

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Muppets Birthday Party Ideas

Muppets are such a great idea for a party – they’re colorful, playful, often humorous and, well, kids just love them. Honestly, how can you go wrong with this theme? And planning is easy (though you can get as creative as you wish). Send a Fun Muppets Invitation As always, it starts with an invitation.…

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Elmo Party Invitation Ideas

Elmo is practically a rite of passage in childhood. This one little furry monster is responsible for bringing the smiles to many children’s faces in their younger years. He is a lovable, fun, adorable little monster that teaches some important lessons. It only stands to reason then that Elmo happens to be a very popular…

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Elmo and Zoe Birthday Theme

elmo and cupcakes

Muppet pals Elmo and Zoe make quite a pair. They also make an ideal birthday theme! We LOVE this theme because it combines a classic show – Sesame Street – with two characters every kid adores. An Elmo and Zoe birthday theme party is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers…a notoriously active bunch. Keep them (and…

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Elmo and Dorothy Birthday Tips

I’ve noticed something interesting during the many (many, many, many) Elmo DVDs I’ve watched with my family. One of the biggest stars in Elmo’s World is a character who never says a thing! That’s right…much like Silent Bob or Teller of Penn and Teller – but for younger audiences – Dorothy, Elmo’s pet fish, has…

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Tips For a 1st Birthday Party

So your little boy or girl is turning one year old! I know it’s hard to believe (wasn’t she a newborn baby just moments ago?), but little ones do get big. And that means you’ll want to celebrate this milestone in a way you can always look back on. Guests You’ll Want to Invite Invite…

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Elmo Baby Shower

Elmo is huge with kids – including grownups who remember him from their own Sesame Street days. You’re going to have a blast putting together terrific party invitations, planning a menu and inviting friends to an Elmo baby shower.

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Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party

Happy birthday, Baby! If your toddler is like most (except cuter, naturally!), she adores Sesame Street, and will know Elmo by name. So celebrate your sweetie’s first birthday with a Sesame Street 1st birthday party.

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