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Muppets Birthday Party Ideas

Muppets are such a great idea for a party – they’re colorful, playful, often humorous and, well, kids just love them. Honestly, how can you go wrong with this theme? And planning is easy (though you can get as creative as you wish).

Send a Fun Muppets Invitation

As always, it starts with an invitation. Your invitations will set the theme of the party, and they’re so easy to make yourself.

Download images of various Muppets into a Word or other word processing document. Include text stating the date, time and location of the party and fold the paper into the shape of a card. Let your child add stickers or glitter for a special touch.

Or upload a picture of your child holding her favorite Muppet doll, then import it into a Word document. Continue as above.

Also check your local dollar store. They’re sure to have tons of generic party invitation choices which you can “Muppetize” by adding Muppet theme stickers.

If you wish to have that professional “wow” factor, consider ordering personalized invitations from the many sellers on Ebay! More than just buying and selling used stuff, people sell their professional services, such as creating, printing and mailing to you a package of invitations with your son or daughter’s picture. One such seller, “Peanut Closet” also does custom thank you notes, labels, water bottle labels and more. Check out all of this seller’s services here.

Personalized Muppet invitations
Personalized Muppet stationary, by Peanut Closet

Things to Do

muppets balloonTry a few of these ideas to keep tots occupied during the party:

  • Make Muppets out of paper bags. Face the folded bottom of the bag toward each child and have him or her decorate that area with the face of her favorite Muppet. Have pom-poms available for noses, and felt pieces for other features. Guests can glue their pieces on with non-toxic school glue. Have a Muppet puppet show when everyone is finished.
  • Prepare a disposable crafts “table” by rolling out brown butcher paper on the floor along one wall. Tape it down. When the kids are done with their crafts, simply roll the paper back up and throw it away, along with the mess.
  • Play “Kermit, Kermit, Piggy” (or “Bert, Bert, Ernie” or any pair of Muppets) to the rules of “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

Decorations and Food

Create a sign that mimics the Sesame Street sign using green cardboard and white markers or paint. Call it “Smith Street” or “Jason Street” (your last name or your child’s first name). Hang it above the front doorway.

Make cute Muppet cupcakes by using a piping bag to make icing Muppet hair and fur. Choose blue for Cookie Monster, green for Kermit the Frog, etc. See these cute cupcakes of Kermit:

Kermit cupcakes

Find cheap Muppet Beanie Babies online or at your local dollar store and place them on the table as a centerpiece. Send each guest home with one.

Serve kid-friendly snack choices – pizza; pigs in blankets or corn dogs; pop corn; fruit; juice – and keep candy to a minimum. Your best bet with this age group is to send any candy home as a goody bag treat.

Remember, you can be as creative and intricate as you want with this theme – or you can keep things simple. The fun colors and characters of the Sesame Street world make a party atmosphere all by themselves. Take the ideas you like best and go from there for a truly special party.