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Twilight Food Ideas

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, then you know that the movie Breaking Dawn just came out in theaters. This final installment of the Twilight series (at least the book – the movie comes in two parts) features all the main characters with a very significant new one. At the center of it all…

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Twilight-Themed Baby Shower

Stranger things than a Twilight Baby Shower have happened. You can focus on the “love” part for a invitation. Use quotes from the book like “Welcome precious baby. I love you more than my own life.” (Yes, that’s creepy, but we’re dealing with vampires, yes?)

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Twilight Vampire Themed Party Ideas

Dating a vampire? Have a Twilight theme birthday party! All of our Twilight party ideas, from invitations to party favors start with the central color themes of Stephenie Meyer’s book covers: red and black. Here’s how to plan a perfect party for you or your teen!

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J.D. Salinger, the First Emo Kid and a Twilight Party

I just heard that J.D. Salinger died today, at 91 of natural causes. Ever since I first read the book in the late 1980’s (and yeah, I was the typical mopey teenager), I’ve always been wondering if I would miss the news of his death, since, well, there never is any news about this reclusive…

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