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Mario Bros. Party Theme

Here’s a party theme you and your child will both love: a Mario Bros. birthday party! This “super” theme is all about the Nintendo classic and the characters that game players have loved since the 1980s. Get your child’s game on with Mario Bros. party decorations, food, games and classic Mario Bros. party favors.

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Incorporating Party Favors into Decorations

You can make your decorations do double-duty as party favors and vice versa.  A themed party is always more fun when everyone at the party is dressed up.  Decorations can be more than just “icing on the cake,” they can be part of the parting gifts for the guests.  They can also be incorporated into…

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Soccer Party Ideas and Supplies

Celebrate soccer, the FIFA World Cup or a birthday fan with a soccer (or football) themed party! Here’s ideas, games, activities and food to keep your little and big party guests entertained, watered, and ready to watch the big games.

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Best Party Favors for Boys

Send your son’s party guests home with a bag full of awesome goodies! If you’re up for it, let them decorate their goody bags, and some of the favors they’ll take home. Here’s some great ideas for party favors for boys.  Party Favors to Decorate T-shirts:  Let them use paint pens, fabric paint, stamps, or tie-dye.…

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Basketball Theme Party

The NBA Playoffs are here and it’s time to get your B-ball on! Have a basketball theme party, and if you have a little future NBA star in your household, suggest this as a birthday party idea. Here are some great ideas.

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Throw an Olympics Party

An Olympics Party occasion only comes around once every two years.  The infrequency makes it something special, and different.  Also, because Olympics parties aren’t something that people routinely attend, they have few expectations about them, and are bound to have fun. Olympics Opening Ceremony Party The opening ceremonies are a great time to have a…

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