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Donkey Kong Party Ideas

With the ongoing popularity of related games like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country Returns and more, kids seem to be clamoring for a Donkey Kong birthday party! Feel free to monkey around with our decor, food and game ideas below.

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Mario Kart / Wii Party Ideas

Mario Cart Wii Party Ideas

If your child loves video games and Mario Kart, have a birthday theme party around it! Here are some of the most fun and economical ideas we’ve found to hold an awesome Mario Kart party.

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Mario Bros. Party Theme

Here’s a party theme you and your child will both love: a Mario Bros. birthday party! This “super” theme is all about the Nintendo classic and the characters that game players have loved since the 1980s. Get your child’s game on with Mario Bros. party decorations, food, games and classic Mario Bros. party favors.

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Pokemon Birthday Party

You’ve likely played Pokemon yourself. Here’s how to create a birthday party themed around Pokemon and Pikachu. Roll out those “pocket monsters” and start having fun!

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