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Magic Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Thinking of a magic themed birthday party? Our ideas for food, decor and tips on hiring a magician will blow your guests away and make them think you really can do magic! Here’s how to enchant guests and put smiles on every face at the party.

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Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

Ooo-la-la! Do you have your own little “Fancy Nancy”? Then it’s time to dress in boas, tutus, hats and jewelery and have a posh party. With extraordinary delight, follow these grand party ideas for a glam birthday soiree!

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Alice in Wonderland Themed Party Ideas

Plan an Alice in Wonderland party for your next gathering. Here’s how to incorporate some of the most fun characters and episodes from the books and movies. We’ve included ideas for kids and adults, so plan a party from our myriad of choices!

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Garden Party Theme

One of the most fun adult party themes is the Garden Party Theme.  Garden parties give everyone an excuse to dress up and go out on a pretty afternoon, and be finished partying in time for dinner.  Central to most garden parties are the hats, but there’s more to this type of party than millinery.…

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