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Tiki Luau Party Ideas

tiki party supplies

Remember tiki luau parties? They’re back and bigger than ever, so grab a mai tai and read on how to host an awesome poolside (or garden) summer party filled with tiki torches, decor and tropical drinks!

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The Most Photogenic Theme Parties on a Budget

Whether it is the princess party for a little girl or an adults only hippie sixties party, you will want to take plenty of photographs. The truth is that the more time, energy and money you put into planning and implementing a theme party the better your chances of getting a highly photogenic party going…

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Playlists for Summer Parties

Keep your summer party going by selecting a perfect playlist.  Here are some different song lists for summer party themes. Summer Cocktail Party Playlist This list is all about cool summer sounds. Buena Vista Social Club (jazzy, latin, energetic, cool, classy)  If you can only pop in ONE CD or select one playlist and put…

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Fourth of July Party

t’s fun, it’s yummy, it’s all-American: yes, that’s right…it’s the traditional family-and-friends Fourth of July party! Here’s how to make sure you have a fabulous fourth this year.

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Fourth of July Outdoor BBQ Party

Host a Fourth of July Outdoor Barbeque Party to celebrate Independence Day, and have fun with family and friends! Here’s what to do, from party supplies, invitations, bbq recipes, drinks, games and more!

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9 Cool Father’s Day Ideas (5 Involve No Money)

Dad gets his special day too! No matter what the commercials say, you don’t have to buy him something – when he says he doesn’t “want anything,” what he really means is that he wants a new sports car, a new job, or a time machine (preferably in a hot tub) to go back a…

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Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day. Don’t you love it? Originally created to honor the Civil War fallen, this May day traditionally kicks off the summer season, with the day full of park picnics, barbecues and family gatherings. Public and home-owned pools open and parties abound on this favorite holiday. No doubt you’re considering a little soire of your…

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Buffet Bar Suggestions for Teenagers

Let’s be honest—teenagers love to eat! It seems as though they have an endless ability to shovel in the food and it’s anybody’s guess where it goes. You may feel as though you can’t keep up with the monthly grocery bill because your teenager is eating you out of house and home. Sound familiar? So…

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Backyard BBQ Theme Ideas

Spring has sprung and you know what that means—time for a backyard barbecue! There is nothing that celebrates warm weather more than firing up the grill. It’s a way to celebrate warmer temperatures and get out there to grill up your favorite meals. It’s also an excellent way to bring friends together and enjoy some…

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