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The Most Photogenic Theme Parties on a Budget

Whether it is the princess party for a little girl or an adults only hippie sixties party, you will want to take plenty of photographs. The truth is that the more time, energy and money you put into planning and implementing a theme party the better your chances of getting a highly photogenic party going to be. For those of us who live and work in the real world having one or more of those precious resources in high supply isn’t always realistic. So, if you want a great idea that isn’t too costly, low on hassle and want to get some wonderful photos look no further and read on.

Bright Colors for Interesting Photos

So what makes a one theme party more photogenic than another? Well, bright colors and wonderful arrays of costumes, of course. Mardi Gras, or Carnival as it is known globally, is the perfect theme for a party with bright colors and designs. The best part about it is that they can be held inexpensively, quickly and with little to no planning. String up some Christmas lights and get some colorful party bead necklaces and you’re ready to go! All you need is colorful face and body paint for some unique and entertaining costuming. It is a fairly wide open format for costumes so it makes it easy for people with varying degrees of comfort when it comes to dressing up. Just make sure your guests understand the louder and more colorful the better.

kids pirate partyColorful Characters Make Pictures a Snap

People in costume and characters can make or break a theme party. The more your guests own their characters the better the pictures. Stories told in pictures from a pirate themed party are always great to look back on. From the Cap’in and his wench to the mysterious Dread Pirate Roberts, you can snap thousands of jovial photographs to tell the story. Your tale can start with a “treasure map”, personalized invitations, and can even be made part of the party fun. Decorations and props are easy to find; in fact most of what you use can also be used for Hawaiian and jungle themed parties (maybe minus the boat stuff).

Party Decor as Photographic Backdrops

Decorations should be bright with an assortment of colors. For instance, a Sixties or Seventies themed party can be fun to come up with decorations for. It’s all about color and psychedelic patterns. You can take some old white shirts/cloth or get some really cheap ones at thrift stores and have a tie-dye pre-party. If you have some retro decorations hiding in a closet or you’ve wanted to get that lava lamp from the novelty store for the living room this can be a great excuse. Take out some of those old paint cans taking up space and pair it with some butcher paper; you can make some really cool splatter paintings that make wonderful photographic backdrops.

Photogenic Foods

It is not just about a simple get together but it is also about the fun, frolic and of course the food. One party where the choice of foods will also make inspiring photographs is an old Western Cowboy themed party. The campfire or BBQ pit with flames and highly textural foods will add to the atmosphere and even become part of the decorations. Capturing the flames and smoke along with the Western costumes can make for some highly dramatic and provoking photos.

Theme parties are inherently photogenic. You will have not only a night to remember, but also one of the most photogenic parties to date.

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