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Twilight Food Ideas

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, then you know that the movie Breaking Dawn just came out in theaters. This final installment of the Twilight series (at least the book – the movie comes in two parts) features all the main characters with a very significant new one. At the center of it all…

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School’s in Session with Monster High Costumes

First it was teenage werewolves. Then it was vampires in a Washington high school. Now it’s the monsters turn to learn. Thankfully, though, they come in peace and promise not to scare the lunch money out of you. Monster High has quickly become a web phenomenon with webisodes released nearly every week since its launch…

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Twilight-Themed Baby Shower

Stranger things than a Twilight Baby Shower have happened. You can focus on the “love” part for a invitation. Use quotes from the book like “Welcome precious baby. I love you more than my own life.” (Yes, that’s creepy, but we’re dealing with vampires, yes?)

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Twilight Vampire Themed Party Ideas

Dating a vampire? Have a Twilight theme birthday party! All of our Twilight party ideas, from invitations to party favors start with the central color themes of Stephenie Meyer’s book covers: red and black. Here’s how to plan a perfect party for you or your teen!

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