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Personalized Graduation Supplies

personalized grad themes

Need party ideas for your son or daughter’s grad party? How about personalizing your party supplies with their memories? Whether it’s a high school graduation or college, take these steps and the party for the grad will be extra-special.

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High School Graduation Party Themes

graduation party supplies

In the spring, everyone holds graduation parties. How can you make your child’s or young adult’s party memorable and unique among the hundreds of other events happening around the same time? Here’s some great ideas.

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Graduation Party Playlist

It may not seem possible, but that little kid that you once knew is now graduating. This is often hard for parents to grasp, much less the friends and family around them. It can be a major adjustment for even the graduate to get used to. Though it’s a time for celebrating, it can also…

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Graduation Party Themes on a Budget

Hosting a graduation party on a budget is a reality for thousands of high school and college graduates facing college tuition or student loans – not to mention the parents paying for them!  Graduation is certainly a time for celebrating, of course!  You can throw a fun graduation party on a budget.  Here are some…

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When to Have a Graduation Party

It’s that time of year again. Teens and young adults all over the world are marking that big jump from high/secondary school to college, or from college to (cue ominous music here) the real world. Even younger children are in on the excitement as they get ready to make the move from one school to…

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