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Twilight Food Ideas

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, then you know that the movie Breaking Dawn just came out in theaters. This final installment of the Twilight series (at least the book – the movie comes in two parts) features all the main characters with a very significant new one. At the center of it all…

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Tie Dye Birthday Party

Have a fun tie-dye or psychedelic 60’s theme birthday party for your next celebration. This theme is for adults specifically, but with a few tweaks and activities, would be fun for teens, too.

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Chocolate Party Themes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whatever your age or stage of life, chocolate seems to have a universal language. The sweet gooey taste is simply irresistible and therefore many people flock to for a nice little pick me up each and every day. It also happens to make a perfect theme for a party. Never thought…

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Chocolate Party Desserts

Tired of taking the same old thing to parties you attend?  Want to have a chocolate dessert buffet, but you’re done with the mini-cheesecakes and bowls of candy? Read on for some fun and new ideas for chocolate desserts.  Everyone loves chocolate! (Right?) Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball This is an unusual and fun dessert, the…

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