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Personalized Graduation Supplies

personalized grad themes

Need party ideas for your son or daughter’s grad party? How about personalizing your party supplies with their memories? Whether it’s a high school graduation or college, take these steps and the party for the grad will be extra-special.

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Buffet Bar Suggestions for Teenagers

Let’s be honest—teenagers love to eat! It seems as though they have an endless ability to shovel in the food and it’s anybody’s guess where it goes. You may feel as though you can’t keep up with the monthly grocery bill because your teenager is eating you out of house and home. Sound familiar? So…

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J.D. Salinger, the First Emo Kid and a Twilight Party

I just heard that J.D. Salinger died today, at 91 of natural causes. Ever since I first read the book in the late 1980’s (and yeah, I was the typical mopey teenager), I’ve always been wondering if I would miss the news of his death, since, well, there never is any news about this reclusive…

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