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Pony Parties – In Your Own Backyard!

It’s such an old cliché but one that we have all heard as a parent—“I want a pony!” We joke about it as we listen to our kids who adore these beautiful animals. The truth is though that you can make this come true, even if for one day. If you have a little one who has always wanted a pony, then why not turn this into an amazing birthday theme?

Not only can get you get some amazing decorations out there for the pony theme, but you can even get a real live pony to be a main fixture at the party! Look around your area for a ranch that offers pony rides (I bet there’s quite a few). Even better … what if the pony comes to YOU? (More on that below!)

So if you want to make your child’s dream come true, then it’s time to look into how a pony party with actual animals can be a reality for your family and guests.

Pony Rides Galore and So Much More

Would you believe that you could have pony rides happen right in your very backyard? There’s a variety of businesses that offer this, transporting and handling the animals for safe and enjoyable rides. If you live in the Virgina, Maryland or Washington DC area, there’s a pony ride business called Ponytogo that will bring the pony rides as well as a petting zoo to your backyard. This means that your backyard is literally transformed to an animal oasis featuring the most amazing and memorable pony rides around. You definitely can’t top that!

When searching for such a business, consider such questions as safe handling, insurance, what you are expected to do, and what they will be doing. After all, bringing an actual live animal and a petting zoo to your home is probably a little more involved than a couple kids, Pin the Tail on the Pony and cake!

Find out such things as:

  • How long will the setup take, and how long will they be entertaining?
  • Find out how much experience they have with animal handling, and what other types of parties and events they do
  • What will you yourself need to do to in advance to make things go as smoothly as possible?
  • If you don’t have a large backyard, what are the alternatives? (The people at Pony to Go have done safe pony rides on front yards, sidewalks, parking lots, living rooms, school hallways and even elevators! They also make sure not to travel the same path twice on the grass, to make sure your lawn is not damaged.)
  • What are some alternatives and/or rescheduling policies in case it’s rained out?
  • What is the recommended minimum and maximum children for effective entertainment and rides? What’s a good range of ages?
  • What are the rules on safety? Ask for items like helmets for pony rides, hand sanitizers and animal handling procedures
  • Does the business offer other services, such as a petting zoo and face painting?
  • Are the ponies “house trained” and who cleans up any messes after it’s over?
  • Is the business insured? (Hang up the phone if they aren’t!) More important, ask if it is necessary for you to buy extra insurance
  • Find out if local by-laws in your area allow this type of event
  • Find out the “rules” of the party. Can the children feed the pony? If there’s a petting zoo, can the animals be picked up and carried around?
  • Costs: There will likely be an initial deposit, as well as mileage costs depending on how far the company has to travel
pony rides

Jennifer Cossette of Pony To Go introducing one of her ponies

Theme Decor Ideas

It’s hard to imagine what else you might have to do with this type of theme when you have pony rides featured at the center of it! Yes, the pony rides and other fun elements like a petting zoo or animal education is what the party is all about. However you will wish to include decorations such as pony tablecloths, plates, and even hanging banners. Click here for a few ideas on party packs. Also read through our barnyard party decor ideas and adapt to your pony party.

A couple other fun suggestions include:

  • Giving each child their own cowboy hat
  • taking a picture of each child on the pony and then giving that to them as a gift
  • Add some decorative straw bales around the area (ask the pony ride company first, to make sure the animals don’t munch on this!)

A great BBQ style menu with hot dogs, potato salad, and of course S’Mores is yet one more touch to make this feel authentic and fun. So go for the pony theme, bring in rides for all the kids, and make this the most memorable party of the year!