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The Avengers Décor Done to Amazing

It’s been long and coming, but finally the day has arrived— Marvel’s The Avengers and all of the hype surrounding it is alive and well, and smashing box office records left and right (yay, Joss Whedon!) Many of us grew up on this group of the very best superheroes out there. We’ve passed down our love of S.H.I.E.L.D. to our children and enjoy reliving the comics and the series whenever we can.

So with the release of this heavily anticipated movie comes the perfect opportunity to throw an Avengers party! This is not your ordinary superhero party, as just about every amazing Marvel comic character is part of the clan, and so you can kick your party up a notch. If you have longed for the ultimate in superhero parties, this is it!

You may be throwing a birthday party for your little one or simply want to hold an event to build up excitement for the release of this movie. Whatever the occasion you want to get people excited about this classic group of superheroes—so the decorations become instrumental. Paying homage to your childhood heroes has never been so much fun and the way that you decorate your venue can really set the tone from the start.

avengers decorLife Sized Cut Outs for Larger Than Life Fun

What better way to make your party feel like it’s out of a scene in the movie than having life sized cut outs of the superhero crew? You may not be able to get all of them but consider getting some of your favorites such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye or Protector. You can even just pick one and then use it to greet guests at the door.

Everyone has a favorite superhero in the bunch and so featuring one or all of them will make for a great way of reminiscing. You can get a poster of the Avenger of your choice and carefully cut it out to fit onto a perfect sized piece of wood. You can even find life sized superheroes that are already made up for you and then line the venue with them. This is an investment well worth it that will make for excellent photo opportunities and a great way of portraying this most excellent theme.

Feature One or Feature All

If you or the lucky birthday boy or girl has a favorite Avenger, concentrate on that one characters. You may have an easier time finding party supplies in The Iron Man theme specifically rather than the group as a whole. If this is the case, go for red and gold colors to compliment his suit, such as balloons and streamers.  This can work well and pay homage to your favorite—it may even help to break the ice and get conversation going among your guests.

You can also intertwine each superhero in a different way. Try Thor centerpieces but then put out some great wall hangings of Captain America and Iron Man behind. While one corner can have Thor’s giant hammer, along with other accents of Asgard, another corner can be devoted to everything green – ripped trousers, the Hulk’s knuckles punching through the walls, or a laboratory set. Intertwining is really fun to do and allows you to introduce little pieces of each of the superheroes.

Lights, Colors, Action!

No matter what type of décor you use, it’s all about the detail provided within this theme. So for example, if you wish to feature all the Avengers, be sure to use the main colors associated with the superheroes as a whole, such as red, white, and blue for the streamers and wall hangings. Try to even incorporate different lighting through colored light bulbs that you utilize for a great effect.

Consider throwing in a couple of posters for effect and then try for red plates for Red Hawk. It’s all about the accents and if people are true followers of the Avengers series then they will get even the most subtle hints. To tie everything together and make it a theme and a night to remember be sure to put out some old Avengers comics, have the older version of the movie playing in the background, and ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite character.

This is a party of heroic proportions that won’t soon be forgotten!