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Birthday Party Ideas for a Singing and Dancing Party

Does your kid love to sing and dance? Most parents can answer a resounding YES! to that question. Kids love music and they love to be a part of it, so this happens to make for the perfect theme for a birthday party. Whether they happen to be into a more musical theme or just want the perfect venue to let loose, you can supply that and a great birthday party.

Go for a Character Inspired Theme

If your little one happens to be into a musical type of show such as Yo Gabba Gabba or Hannah Montana, then the work is done for you. Both of these shows work perfectly as musical themes and you can find plenty of accessories to go along with them. You can even pick up a soundtrack from the show itself or make it simple and create your own that is inspired by the show.

If you go for something like Yo Gabba Gabba then be sure that you incorporate the music and dancing as well as the bright vibrant colors and of course the characters such as Muno and DJ Lance. If you go for Hannah Montana you may want to consider hiring somebody to dress up like her and come in to do the perfect impersonation.

karaoke kidsSet the Scene

If you want music and dancing to lend way to the theme then keep it simple and focused in this capacity. Set up a dance floor in the middle of the venue our outside if the weather will cooperate. Be sure to create a play list well in advance and focused on the type of music that your child not only likes, but which will get the kids up and dancing. Be sure to incorporate a few dance contests so that everyone gets involved and shows off their moves. No matter what, this party has to groove so the music and the space to dance are by far the most important aspects.

Spice It Up

If your child is involved in or interested in a certain type of dance such as hip hop or salsa, you can even center the party around that. You can hire an instructor to come and give lessons to guests at the party for an extra element of excitement. If they love to belt out the tunes, then consider throwing a karaoke party. You only need a karaoke machine, which you can find at Amazon or any electronics or department store, and some creative song ideas. Have musical notes or dancing figures as decorations for the party. After all, the most important element of this type of party is outstanding music and an opportunity for the kids to dance and enjoy themselves.