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Pin the Flag On the Castle

Calling all princes and princesses — we have the perfect party game for you! If your young maiden or knight in shining armor wants to have a royal princess birthday party then the perfect party game exists. This unique twist on a classic game makes your party a gala to remember and one fit for royalty.

There are some pre-made backdrops out there that you can purchase which have everything you need to set this up in your home. If you have an artistic streak in you, then you can create a beautiful castle that will adorn the walls of your home. The key is to ensure that every part of this game is in line with the royal theme and then it will go from good to great.

How to Play Pin the Flag on the Castle

It works much in the same way as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but in this version you have far more stately game pieces. The castle is what every child will be reaching for with their own little flags to pin.

Be sure that the castle you make or select is big, beautiful, and that it adorns colors from your party, such as pink and purple. A nice little touch is to add in a cute picture of your little prince or princess so that it looks as if they live within the walls of this castle.

Rather than a plain old blindfold try something a bit more elaborate. You can adorn a standard blindfold with glitter and puffy paint, and even add some ribbon to hang off the sides of it. Alternatively you can find some really cute blindfolds out there that are in line with the theme. Just be sure that it covers their eyes and serves its purpose.

Up the Fun Quotient

To make this a party game to remember, be sure that the kids are dressed in costume when they play this game. Every child should get their own crown and of course a costume that turns them into a royal figure. This will also put them into the right frame of mind as they try to pin the tail on the beautiful castle.

You may have to help the kids along depending on their age group. You do want to be sure that the game is away from stairs or any distractions so that they can head straight for the castle.

Spin each child around three times and then ease them in the right direction if necessary. With a flag in hand that has a sticky back to it, they will do their best to pin the flag as close to the castle turrets as possible.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has been a classic children’s party game for years now. This is a fun twist that really keeps with theme and makes for a lot of party fun. Kids will love this royal addition to the party, and it’s easy enough for you to create and set up as a parent. Watch your party come to life when the kids get to play in true royal style!